Summit County Real Estate Transfer Taxes

Summit County

Real Estate Transfer Taxes

Many areas of Summit County have a real estate transfer tax, which occurs each time the property changes title. Although negotiable, it is customary for the buyer to pay the tax. 

Summit County Colorado Real Estate Taxes

Breckenridge: 1%

The Town of Breckenridge Real Estate Transfer Tax (RETT) is a tax imposed on all transfers of property located within the Town of Breckenridge, unless specifically exempted by the Breckenridge Town Code.  All transactions for real property within the Town of Breckenridge in which no transfer tax is due, must have a related exemption application approved by the Tax Auditor.  This includes any transaction recorded with Summit County such as a name change, transfer to trust or LLC, addition of spouse, etc.

The amount of tax that must be remitted to the Town of Breckenridge is 1% of the Gross Consideration.  The burden of the tax is the responsibility of the property buyer or grantee

Breckenridge Properties within the Breckenridge Mountain Master Association: (BMMA) 2% (1% to the Town of Breckenridge and 1% to the BBMA). Complexes within the BBMA include:

  • Timber Trail
  • One Ski Hill Place
  • Mountain Thunder
  • Crystal Peak Lodge

Click Here for Information on the Breckenridge Mountain Master Association

Frisco: 1% 

The Town of Frisco levies a 1% Real Estate Investment Fee (commonly referred to as a transfer tax) on the transfer of all real property located within municipal limits. The fee is calculated based on the total consideration paid for the transfer of interest in the property and is due upon closing. Click Here for More Information

Keystone (Neighbourhood Company areas): 2%

Click Here for Information on the Neighbourhood Company

New Construction can also have real estate transfer taxes.

SilverthorneClick Here for Additional Information on Silverthorne Transfer Taxes

Copper Mountain: 1.5% 

Copper Mountain Real Estate Taxes

Copper Mountain Colorado

Municipal Real Estate Transfer Taxation

The County Clerk & Recorder does not administer, manage or enforce municipal real property taxation with regard to recorded documents.  The towns of Breckenridge, Frisco and Silverthorne assess a municipal tax on certain real property transfers.  Applicability varies by Town.  Before submitting documents to be recorded, contact the respective municipality where the property is located.  Penalties may apply from municipalities if documents are recorded without being processed through their offices first.

Click: Town of Breckenridge RETT (Real Estate Transfer Tax)
Finance Department
Town of Breckenridge
150 Ski Hill Road
Breckenridge, CO  80424
(970) 453-3182

Click: Town of Frisco REIF (Real Estate Investment Fund)
Finance Department
Town of Frisco
1 Main Street
Frisco, CO  80443
(970) 668-9127

Click: Town of Silverthorne RETA (Real Estate Transfer Assessment)
Finance & Administrative Services
Town of Silverthorne
610 Center Circle
Silverthorne, CO  80498
(970) 262-7300