Dillon Reservoir is a key place for summer or maybe winter fishing. The lake is house to Brown Trout, Arctic Char, Kokanee Salmon and Rainbow Trout. With twenty-six miles of shoreline, discovering a pleasant secluded area to cast is not really an issue. Click here for existing fishing conditions.

A short historical past of sportfishing problems on Dillon Reservoir The mysis shrimp was launched into Dillon Reservoir in 1970 as being a foods supply to fatten salmon and trout. But the small nocturnal crustaceans skipped the trout's day feeding patterns and started consuming all of the zooplankton - leaving salmon as well as trout hungry and small.

The Arctic char was brought to the reservoir in 1990 to see whether they will feast upon the shrimp - a principal part of the diet of theirs. Colorado Parks and the fishery is managed by Wildlife; Arctic char was stocked around Dillon in 1990, 1996, 1992, 1998 as well as 2008 to 2011. The tank may be the only public fishery within the lower forty-eight states outside Maine where anglers have a possibility of landing the prized fish.

The sportfishing ecosystem at Dillon Reservoir continues to be continuously getting better since the first 90 's thanks in portion on the launch of Arctic Char near the Colorado Division of Wildlife. Usually found exclusively within Arctic waters, this particular cold water fish - a species of trout - helps turn the container directly into an angler's paradise.

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Lake Dillon Reservoir is yearly filled with about 50,000 rainbow trout near the Colorado Division of Wildlife Any person fifteen years or older should have a legitimate fishing license.
Colorado Division of Wildlife regulations are enforced and are accessible for review from the Division's authorized elements.
Fishing is permitted on water surface area of the reservoir and nearly all in case its twenty-five miles of shoreline.
It's illegal to fish from the dam system, closed places, bridges or maybe boat ramps.



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